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The Southeastern OB/GYN Society was founded in 1954 by a group of physicians in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Since then it has improved practices and aided in advancing the cause of gynecology and obstetrics throughout the Southeastern states.

Our Leadership

Dr. Eric McCathran


Dr. Jim Bohmer

President Elect

Dr. Kathryn Bohmer


Dr. William Coleman



Why we are here


To encourage the study, improve the practice, and to advance the cause of gynecology and obstetrics


To promote the development of professional interest.


To encourage friendship among physicians of this specialty in the various Southeastern states.


A Partial Listing Of Our Members

D. Ershine Carmichael  ‡
Paul P. McCain  ‡
Conrad Pierce  ‡
Charles M. Tyndal  †

David Bruce Glover
Joseph Ivy
Haynes G. Jackson  ‡
W. Patton Phillips

T. Bert Fletcher Jr
Ralph Hank Jennings  ‡
William Hanover Long
Donald P. Macleod Jr ‡
Richard A. McCauley
William T. Mixson
William T. Patton  ‡
Steven E. Pillow
William F. Short  ‡
William L. Vandergriff

James L. Cross
Murray Freedman
William Lane Hutchinson Jr
Thomas L. Lyons  ‡
Hugh Shingleton  †

Mark Berry
Edwin A. Bowman  ‡
J. Dudley
Peyton Randolph Hall
Timothy M. Hart
John B. Holland  ‡
William Douglas King  ‡
David F. Lewis
Charles Eric McCathran
John F. Moffett  ‡
Warren C. West Jr ‡
Johnathan Wise
Rhandi Wise

Irl Thomas Alexander
George Ball  ‡
Swan B. Burrus
William Cook  ‡
Richard Hollis
Gerald F. Joseph Jr

North Carolina
Lara Aboulhosn
James Bohmer
Kathryn Whitten Bohmer
Anne Bond Bonpain
Barry A. Bruggers
Grant Campbell
J. Edwin Clement  ‡
Libby Edwards
John Ferguson
Jeffery Bruce Garris
Frank N. Harrison
Phil Harston  ‡
Donald Howe  ‡
Candice Kessler
Todd Kopczynsk
Tracy Larson
Chancy Lucas
Holly McArthur
Kelly Meek
Warren McLeod Overbey
Rina Roginsky
Sharon Stephenson
Bruce Taylor  ‡
Bill Terry
Ronald Wade
Lisa Wilson  †

South Carolina
Jon Bailey
Wade B Blount
Jill Boland
Denise A. Broderick
Paul Browne
Edward R. Cathcart  ‡
Steven N. Coker  ‡
William A. Coleman  ‡
Jeffery W Elder
Floyd Edwin Ellison
Phillip Greig
Kimberly Holloway
Katie Isham
Greg Johnson  ‡
James H. Johnson
James O. Johnson  ‡
Laura Danielle Wieland LeBel
Creighton Likes III
Paul Miller
Stephen Price
William M. Reeves III
John M. Warren Jr
Kathryn Webb

David Adair
Lonnie Burnette
Steve Hammond
Tripp Nelson
John M. Powell  †

Herbert A. Claiborne Jr ‡
Barry S. Rothman
Thomas A. Wash  ‡

† denotes honorary members.
‡ denotes retired members.

Annual Meeting

WildDunes, Charleston SC - 2021

The 68th annual meeting of the Southeastern Obstetrical and Gynecological Society will include three days of educational lectures held at the Wild Dunes Resort near Charleston, South Carolina.  The meeting will be held at the brand new Sweetgrass Inn which includes 30,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor meeting and event spaces with panoramic ocean views, outdoor activities and onsite dining options.

The meeting will feature twelve lectures on a  variety of obstetric and gynecologic topics each morning while allowing time to explore Wild Dunes Resort and Charleston in the afternoons.  The exhibit hall will feature gynecological and obstetrical equipment as well as information on pharmaceutical products related to women’s healthcare.

Hotel reservations can be made for the Sweetgrass Inn by calling 843-886-6000 or 877-803-7534 and referencing the group name, Southeastern ObGyn Society or using the link: Inn. Sweetgrass.

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